What are the songs your audience wants to hear?

Test All Media helps any media outlet playing music get actionable information about the music tastes of their audiences. Load up hooks of any song and ask your audience to rate the music on your over-the-air radio station, internet radio station or service.

Online is now a faster, more economical way to find out what the audience likes. When you are making music and scheduling decisions on a daily basis, you want to have the confidence in each song you play. Control your testing yourself from an easy to use dashboard.

For radio stations that are looking for a state-of-the-art testing platform and web site, you’ve come to the right place.

Whether you brand your music testing program: Music Meeting, Rate The Rock, Music Testers, RateTheMusic®, Loyalty Club, Listener Board, or Music Advisory Panel, Test All Media can be customized and branded for your radio station or music service.

In today's competitive world, you have to be great every minute of every day. This is the new way to test music. It's more than just research; it's a relationship with each listener.

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TV Shows

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