Test All Media brings you a new way for your listeners to tell you what music they want to hear: it’s Test All Media Mobile. Your listeners are mobile, so you need to be mobile. Listeners can now take their music surveys from wherever they are -- on any connected device with a browser.

Your customizable, branded Test All Media Mobile platform gives you a superior way to engage your fans – promote your shows and contests, and most importantly, deliver more raters to make your research mean more.

Test music, websites, video, content, ads, images and more!

Finally a new way to Test All Media with an engaging and stimulating digital research platform. Take advantage of the power of the internet to create and manage your research strategies. Tell us how we can help you.


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One of the things that Test All Media allows you to do is dive deep into a show and find out what are the things that excites the audience and what turns them off.