Using our patented technology, pit two shows against each other and know when the audience loses interest in one show and moves to another.

There are many elements in a radio or TV program. One of the things that Test All Media allows you to do is dive deep into a show and find out what are the things that excites the audience and what turns them off.

When a certain segment comes on the air, you can ask a respondent what they think about the feature. When a new character, personality or talent is added to a show, you can canvass the audience to find out how they are fitting in. Find out what they think about the competition so you can make adjustments.

Imagine an audience seeing or hearing a show in the morning, and in that same day, asking them dozens of questions about the show while it's fresh in their mind. You can playback portions of the show online and use aided recall to elicit an accurate picture of what they think of your show and the other guy.

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