They say "perception is reality" and "a picture is worth a thousand words." Truer words have never been spoken.

With each picture you use as part of your ad campaign or signage, you produce an image of what your company is all about. That image should be a lasting and positive event in the life of the customer. With hundreds of images now needed for websites, videos and brochures, you have a powerful tool to test those images before you publish them. With Test All Media, you can show multiple choices and have the audience show you which one matches up with their perception of your product, service, talent or spokesperson.

You can follow-up with a perceptual that can focus in on the deeper feelings of the ad campaign's hidden messages. Are you transmitting an implication of the opposite, or guaranteeing your client or product the awareness, trial and usage that every successful campaign delivers?

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Perceptual Studies

Understand why they switched and know when they switched with the exclusive Test All Media Time-Stamping technology.

Website Analysis

Test All Media is on the Internet, which is exactly why this is the best place to start the quest to find out what turns your potential listeners into long-term viewers and customers.


The Internet has driven the need for every business to use fewer words and more video to get their point across.