All businesses need great web sites and a strong Internet presence. Sales are driven by giving the customer an easy way to connect to your company, your products or services.

Test All Media is on the Internet, which is exactly why this is the best place to start the quest to find out what turns your potential listeners, viewer or customer.

We have two unique approaches to testing websites. Using our patented technology, we can help you find out how long it takes a user to find that important story or link and then allow you to ask questions once they get there. Or use Test All Media's Website Testing tool to pre-test a new web site. Figure out if a future modification sits well with your users. With Test All Media's Website Drag & Drop study, you can ask your users how they would layout your web page and what images they would prefer. They simply drag and drop sections into a page grid showing you the best position on your site.

The reports section of Test All Media gives you quick advice on what should go on your all-important web site. In combination with Ad Image Test, you can weed out the images you don't need and know where the winners belong. Test All Media helps you do the job with cutting-edge patent-pending technologies.

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Perceptual Studies

Understand why they switched and know when they switched with the exclusive Test All Media Time-Stamping technology.

Visual Impact

With each picture you use as part of your ad campaign or signage, you produce an image of what your company is all about.


The Internet has driven the need for every business to use fewer words and more video to get their point across.